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The Corebar

Is a weighted, bent bar that is ergonomically made for the body and the exercises it is used for.

The Corebars are available in 1kg (2,2 lbs.) and 2 kg (4,4 lbs.).

Norwegian Training Concept

This training-concept is based on intervals and inspired by other popular forms of training, such as Pilates, yoga, marshal arts and dance.

Corebar focuses mainly on the core muscles, but also on "total body activation" throughout a Corebar Workout

This makes The Corebar Training Consept an intense, efficient and fun workout that gives great results, fast!

All IN ONE - workout

By " all-in-one" we mean a workout that gives you the best from all training forms; cardio, strength, balance and mobility.

You'll train with High Intensity!

Long story - Short

The Norwegian group training instructor and personal trainer

Anita Tonne founded the training concept in 2006. Today, The Corebar is owned and developed by Mona N. Kristoffersen (CEO)

and Glenn Kristoffersen (B&M Manager)


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Mona N. Kristoffersen

◽Owner and CEO Corebar AS

◽Education specialist for Corebar

◽20 years experience in the fitness industry

◽Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor

◽Instructor in several concepts like strength, functional trainer, pilates, spinning, Zumba, cardio, pulse and more

You have to sweat to get in shape, but have fun at the same time!

Mastertrainer Jørgen

Jørgen Skog

◽Instructor for Espern Aktivitetspark

◽16 years experience in the Fitness industry

◽Certified in many different training concepts

◽An entertainer as instructor

◽Loved Corebar since 2007

Training is for everyone!

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Anders Kristensen

◽Product and Technique Specialist for Corebar AS

◽Certified Fitness instructor from Norwegian School of Sport Science

◽10 års erfaring innen treningsbransjen

◽Specialized Registered Nurse in the Home Health Care as a "Quality Development Nurse"

◽Certified instructor for Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic, Step, Corebar and more

My goal as a group fitness instructor is to give both positive and inspiring workout experiences!

Who is Mona?

Email Mona

+47 452 74 289

Email Glenn

B&M Manager
+47 417 48 334